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We are extremely honored to have been trusted by so many patients over the years. Thousands of women and men have chosen Village Institute of Plastic Surgery, (Formerly Mesos plastic Surgery & Laser Center) for a variety of plastic Surgery and Cosmetic treatments. And it’s been a true honor to have helped them achieve their goals. Below are a few of their plastic surgery reviews and stories about the surgeons and staff at VIP, and how they felt about their results.

Our Plastic Surgery & Cosmetic Treatment Team at Village Institute of Plastic Surgery

Patient Reviews

Excellence in Plastic Surgery in The Villages & Clermont

"I recently had surgeries performed by Dr Soares. The results are so perfect and completely natural and I must admit I haven’t looked this pretty in 20 years. Even my eyes are prettier than they’ve ever been. His entire staff is knowledgeable and courteous. I highly recommend!"

Cheryl Bakos Jones

"Dr. Danny performed facial repair post MOHs on me. He is calm and efficient explaining everything beforehand. He stayed on top of my pain, which helped combat my anxiety. He demonstrated a good working rapport with his nurses and addressed any questions clearly."


"Very calm, friendly and professional environment. Eye lid surgery was a breeze. Healed fast and with very little pain. Follow up by the staff was wonderful. My eyes look fantastic. Highly recommend!"

Lucy Vanderwall

"Highly recommend Alexis Bowhay as an injector. I interviewed 4 different injectors. It was her sweetness and honesty that made me choose Alexis. I was so afraid but she has such a calming effect that I was very relaxed. More important, I love the result of my cheek and hand filler. I went back wanting more work and she was so honest saying no! I will have any future work done only with Alexis."


I have had several procedures done by Dr Blevins and have been very pleased each time. Highest quality and very pleasant staff. I was one of his first customer and I Highly recommended him.

Helena Boykin

These guys are fantastic.

Franke Greco

Doctor Danny Soares is very knowledgeable in his field and very attentive to detail. He answered my questions clearly and yet simple enough so I could understand. I felt totally at ease and confident going forward with my procedure for a youthful appearance. His bedside manners are impeccable! Excellent professional!


"Absolutely incredible esthetician! Fabulous facials. So talented."

J Eldridge

"Dr.Yi is an amazing surgeon with a wonderful personality. She is down to earth and truly cares about her patients. I have never met a doctor who cares and is so easy to talk to. The staff is also amazing! My preoperative nurse took wonderful care of me and made sure I was as comfortable as possible right after surgery and at my follow up visits. The staff is quick at responding to any questions or concerns that have come up. I could not have been more pleased with Dr.Yi and her staff."

Nicole M

"I am very pleased With the results I achieved from the many services at Mesos. I have had deep laser and smart lipo. I have no age spots or signs of damaged skin on my face. The middle age tire that was just below my bra line is gone as a result of treatment there.I will be 60 on my next birthday and plan to deal with a bit of sagging skin on my neck prior to the big 60. thank you so much to Larry Blevins and the staff at Mesos for helping me age with beauty and grace!"

Terry R

Alexis is amazing! She was the first person I ever let do my lips and she went above and beyond. She told me from the start that I had a very challenging lip shape on my top lip called an “m-shaped lip” which was very tight and hard to put filler in all at once. Because of this we distributed one syringe into 3 separate visits across three weeks. I drove 2 hours each way to go see her because she is so worth it! I’m obsessed with my new lips!

Yasmin B

I was very fortunate to have Dr. Soares available to do this procedure on my neck and nose. Having never had surgery before, I began the process being a bit apprehensive. My doctor began explaining to me how the the procedure will be done and how the recovery process will feel to me. Dr Soares has a voice and demeanor that is both comforting, relaxing and confident. After his consultations with me there was no doubt that I would look forward to the physical changes as he described them to me. After completing the surgery the recovery and all that entails, it was exactly how he explained it to me. I basically experienced no pain. I was aware that surgery did indeed take place (bandages and such). The recovery seemed to me very fast. Not only did the physical looks improve dramatically, but I could breath thru my nose for the first time since I was a very young ball player. I am 61 now. I just like to say, my doctor is a very talented and a great communicator when explaining all one needs to know when going thru these types of procedures. I hesitate not! when recommending Dr. Soares, in fact if you get the opportunity to have Dr Soares as your surgeon please take it because from my perspective he is very much in demand and rightfully so. Respectfully, RP


Excellent Doctor, and Perfectionist.


Dr. Soares was very friendly as well as his assistant that was with him through the treatment. Dr. Soares made me feel very comfortable.


Dr. Danny Soares greeted me with a smile, sat with me to review my goals for being there, and listened attentively. He gave me the options that he felt were most suited for my needs, answered all my questions, and not once did he “push” a treatment or procedure on me. It’s strange to go see a facial plastic surgeon and tell him you don’t want to look like you had injections or fillers! But he got it. He injected the Xeomin expertly, quickly and painlessly. I must say, his bedside manner is impeccable, and the work he did on my face was exactly what I wanted. I’m glad I found someone I can go to again who will give me the smooth, well-rested looking face I have been missing! Thanks, Dr. Soares!


An acquaintance of mine works for him and said he is FAAAB! I trust her. She hasn’t had the lipo ( she doesnt need it grrrr 😉 but she has had fillers and other procedures and looks GREAT. I saw some iffy reviews, but she swears that it is the competition down the road posting awful BEWARE posts. He also has RAVE reviews as well. I am not too sure If I believe any reviews. You just have to trust and pray.


I am a 69 yr old male and had Dr. Soares perform facial surgery. I found Dr. Soares not only to be a high quality surgeon, but an extremely find person as well. I was so impressed with the integrity, professionalism and humanism he displayed from the moment we met. I highly recommend anyone seeking facial surgery to meet with him prior to making your final decision.


Dr. Soares was very patient and professional. Although I had fear of the unknown I felt better when I went into surgery. He also called me post op to see how I was doing.


Outstanding! Larry and his staff are very professional, friendly, and experts in skin care procedures. Their new offices are beautiful and provide patients with a great, relaxing environment when having treatments.

January 10, 2020

I had an appointment during the Holidays of 2019, a busy time for all. It was my first appointment at VIP. What a beautiful office and tastefully decorated and most important spotlessly clean. I have a facial scar from an auto accident in 1968. Over the years I have had several revisions and procedures to help improve the scarring. Larry explained to me, in a way I could actually explain to others, what goes on with a scar and how laser can help. He was precise and I felt at ease during a stressful time of year. It has been eight days post laser and it is looking great, very pleased with how the scar’s redness seems to be fading. Larry makes you feel like you are only one in the office and he has all the time in the world to meet your needs.

DW – January 4, 2020

I have been a patient of Larry’s for many years..life somehow got in the way and I neglected myself caring for others..I finally made my appt for some treatments and when the day came..Larry changed the entire plan not only saving me time and money..but felt we could achieve better results. .he is truly a PROFESSIONAL!! He has the interest of his patients at the forefront of his business. BRAVO LARRY!!!!

Claudia – January 4, 2020

I have been there several times and have always been very happy. Larry is very professional and makes you feel at ease. I have been very happy with my results and I look much younger than my age.

December 28, 2019

I recently had my first visits with Mr Blevins and I am very pleased. He is very knowledgeable and has a talent for what he does. He took his time & listened to my concerns & explained everything in detail. I was a bit nervous, but he put me at ease and the treatment was seamless. The new VIP is beautiful, and everyone in the office is very nice & welcoming.

S. Smith – Nov 12, 2019

Dr Soares is an exceptional Doctor. Not only is he an expert in his field of plastic surgery, but he is attentive and able to relate and make the patient feel at ease. An example would be he gives you his cell number to call in case you have any concerns, and encourages you to contact him . I would give him 5 stars plus. If you are considering plastic surgery I would highly recommend Dr Soares and his team at Villages Institute of Plastic Surgery

Susie Kirchhoffer – January, 2020

I have gotten Botox and Dysport from some of the best doctors in NYC, but none compare to Dr. Soares. It’s not simply that he has excellent technique; he really listens to what you are looking for, discusses your expectations, observes your facial expressions, maps out the injection site, and only then gently applies the Botox. I have never gotten results like the ones I have with him and won’t use anyone else. I have received compliments every single time: you look good or you look rested or you did something with your hair? It’s great. I continue to look like me but….better. I don’t often write reviews but this last application was especially excellent and I feel so grateful that I wanted to publicly acknowledge his work (that’s what reviews are for, right). Thank you, Dr. Soares!!

Paula Azevedo – January, 2019

Excellent above perfect. Took years off my face and neck. Caring and compassionate. (Dr. Soares Healthgrades.com Profile)

March 16, 2019

I am very excited with my Blepharoplasty results. Dr Soares did an amazing job and I am beyond happy with his work. I would go to him again for any facial cosmetic procedures I decide to have in the future. My results look very natural. The loose skin I had on my eyelids is completely gone. My eyelid incisions have healed very well and are practically invisible because they fall in the natural crease of my eyelid. It’s great to look in the mirror every morning and look youthful and refreshed.

Sheila G. in The Villages, FL – January 04, 2019

Larry is a genius. He is gifted, and, has the years and practical knowledge to be inherently successful with filler placement, Botox, and any facial embellishment you need. Larry takes great pains to be certain you do not look, “plastic.” He will be absolutely honest about what he thinks would be aesthetically pleasing, as well as what you do not need. Incredibly patient and gentle are more of his attributes. My work has taken me all over the country. Larry is by far the professional I would highly recommend. I am grateful to have found Larry. Thank you, Larry!

Marianne Elmore – January 2020

I am 61 years old and have been seeing Mr. Blevins for over a year for face treatments, botox and fillers to deal with fine lines and age spots. I should note, however, that I was TERRIFIED to do this, but after I saw the results of some of my friends who had him do some fillers for them, I decided to go see him. Now, over a year later, I can say that I have been very pleased with the results, and most importantly to me, pleased with Mr. Blevins’ manner in which he treats his patients. He has a philosophy that he wants to make women look younger, softer and prettier. I think this is a wonderful mantra for women of my age. Because of the treatments I have had, I feel younger, softer and prettier!! I also have more confidence in my appearance and makeup is so much easier to apply (even though I hardly need a base anymore because my skin tone is so much more evened out). I also like that Mr. Blevins is very good with his recommendations for what an individual patient would benefit the most from. I truly believe he has been spot on for everything he has suggested to me. If you are thinking of having any of the above mentioned services done, I would highly recommend scheduling a consult with Mr. Blevins. You will not be disappointed!

Sharon Morien – October 2019

Larry is the absolute best! I had some injectable treatments done before my wedding, and I couldn’t be happier with the results! My face has never looked better, and the results don’t look overdone or over the top. My acne scarring looks 100% better and I am so grateful I went here before my big day…I would highly recommend Larry Blevins and his practice to anyone!

Angela Passafaro – September 2019

I went to Mesos for my FREE consultation with Dr. Larry W. Blevins to see if I could get a scar removed on my forehead and I was VERY impressed with the service that I received!!! Dr. Blevins was incredibly professional and had a lot of great knowledge about facial scars. He explained to me exactly what kind a scar was on my face and walked me through the procedure that he would perform to remove it. I’ve already started the process to get my scar removed with Dr. Blevins and I highly recommend him to anybody that’s looking to have a scar removed!!!

Ashley Berry – June 2019

I am a Physician Assistant of 18 years, and I have been performing neuromodulator and filler injections myself for years. In order to hone my skills and study more advanced techniques than I have previously employed, I just completed a training course with Mr. Blevins. To say I am impressed is an understatement. I have trained with a number of other injectors through the years, mostly Plastic Surgeons, and Larry is by far the best injector and trainer I have ever encountered. If you’re a professional looking to advance your skills, give him a call. You won’t be disappointed.

Chris Lavers March 2019

Larry is amazing at what he does! He gave me the result I was looking for, while making me feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the process. 5 stars!!!

Lindsy Malinoski – January 2019

Larry Blevins PA and his entire Staff could not be more professional and accommodating. Larry and his Staff are not satisfied until their patient is satisfied. He is a perfectionist and an artist . MESOS objective, without exception, is to make sure that their patient is totally pleased with the expected results. Larry and his Professional staff set high expectations and strive to be the very best in their business. I would recommend MESOS, (Now Village Institute of Plastic Surgery) to ANYONE who is looking to enhance his or her appearance. I am a satisfied patient!!

charles young – January 2019

I highly recommend Larry Blevins, PA. He is truly a caring professional who does amazing work.

Sandra Gregory – January 2019

More than happy with all that Larry Blevins has done! Wonderful experience every time I go in!

Ashley Bryan – January 2017

Excellent! I was so impressed by Larry Blevins and the entire staff. Very professional. Exceeded my expectations.

Rachel Y – 2017

Mr. Blevins lasered my face and I can’t believe the difference it has made in my skin. It exceeded my expectations.

Heather Vach – 2017

Excellent!! Can’t say enough! Highly recommend!!

Anne Yarb – 2017

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