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Thigh Lift in Lake County, FL

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Thigh Lift

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A thigh lift is a procedure that reduces excess fat and skin to tighten the inner thighs and to contour the entire thigh. Patients who elect to have this procedure will enjoy rejuvenated thighs that are proportionate to the rest of their body, smooth and much more shapely in their appearance. At the Village Institute of Plastic Surgery we strive to deliver the best thigh lift The Villages has to offer. If you are near your ideal weight, (BMI) but are unhappy with the appearance of your thighs, this procedure may be right for you. Schedule a free consultation by calling (352) 259-8599. You’ll speak personally with Dr. Yi and have the opportunity to see what your thighs would look like after surgery with 3D Virtual Imaging.

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About this Procedure

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Thigh Lift is performed at our on-site state licensed ambulatory surgical center in The Villages. During this procedure the patient is fully sedated with general anesthesia. In this procedure, liposuction is first used to remove unwanted fat and contour the thighs. After liposuction, an incision is made either in the groin crease alone, the groin crease and down the middle of the thigh, or also above the thigh – this will be determined based on the amount of excess skin and fat to be removed. Your surgeon will review your needs and discuss your individualized thigh lift plan with you before surgery. Excess skin is removed and the incision is sutured with internal sutures that reduces scarring. with the skin of the thigh tightened, liposuction may also be used to contour the front of the thigh.

About Your Recovery

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Immediately after the procedure, the patient is moved to a recovery suite and will be released in a few hours after fully recovering from the anesthesia. Patients will have needed to arrange for a friend or family member to drive them home. With minor lifts, bruising, swelling and pain is usually minimal. If large amounts of fat and skin are removed, the patient should expect some bruising and swelling. Any pain can be mitigated with pain medications.

At VIP in The Villages thigh lift patients are usually able to return to light activities and work after the first week or so, and fully return to regular activities after a month. The results of slimmer, smoother, more youthful looking thighs will be fully realized in the next six to twelve months when all swelling is completely gone and scaring significantly fades. As with any body contouring procedure, patients should remember to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle to avoid weight gain and assure lasting results.

Is a Thigh Lift Procedure Right For You?

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The Thigh Lift procedure is performed by Dr. Christina Yi. Dr. Yi will meet with you personally to answer any questions you have about the thigh lift procedure and how it might be the perfect way to remove unwanted fat and sculpt your thighs to a shapely new appearance. Schedule a consultation to find out if liposuction is right for you. Call us at (352) 259-8599 or use our contact form and we’ll get back to you right away!

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