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Laser Wrinkle Reduction in The Villages, FL

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Laser Wrinkle Reduction and Skin Resurfacing

Laser Wrinkle Reduction in The Villages

At Village Institute of Plastic Surgery

We’re please to be one of the premier laser centers in Central Florida, offering patients a wide variety of laser skin care treatments. This treatment is a great way to reduce lines, improve skin quality and appearance, and even reduce or remove scaring. We actually offer a number of different types of wrinkle reduction and skin resurfacing treatments. Depending on the patient’s goals and skin condition. We strive to deliver the best laser wrinkle reduction The Villages has to offer.

The Villages Laser Wrinkle Reduction with ActiveFX

ActiveFX with UltraPulse

The ActiveFX CO2 Laser technology is the gold standard. It can dramatically improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, scars, sun spots, and other skin damage. The ActiveFX laser stimulates the formation of new collagen that promotes the growth of new skin. Your skin will not only look healthier, it will be healthier. And the new ActiveFX laser requires much less downtime over older CO2 Lasers.

Laser Wrinkle Reduction with DeepFX Laser in The Villages

DeepFX Laser

The DeepFX CO2 Laser technology is a great option for patients with significantly damaged skin. This advanced laser penetrates below the surface of the skin to the deeper collagen layer and is able to repair deep lines and wrinkles, acne scars and scars from surgery or trauma. Effective as a stand alone treatment, DeepFX can also work in combination with ActiveFX, (referred to as TotalFX) to achieve optimal results.

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About ActiveFX and DeepFX Laser Treatments

Fractional laser technology

At VIP in The Villages laser wrinkle reduction is performed in the comfort of our laser suite with both oral sedation and topical anesthetics. General anesthesia is also available for an added fee. Treatment generally takes one to two hours.

The ActiveFX and DeepFX laser utilize fractional laser technology. Fractional laser technology does not apply a blanket of laser exposure to the whole area of the skin, it omits focused beams of light that do not treat the entire surface and leaves tiny gaps or “bridges” of untouched skin. This technology is easier on the skin while accomplishing the original goal of smoothing the skin while allowing for a much faster recovery.

Recovery After Laser Wrinkle Reduction and Skin Resurfacing

detailed recovery instructions

Immediately after laser wrinkle reduction treatment, patients experience a sensation comparable to a sunburn. Our treatment specialists will provide you with detailed recovery instructions after your treatment. The recovery time required is just like a sunburn; a few short days and results will continue to improve over the next couple of weeks.

Is Laser Wrinkle Reduction Right For You?

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Laser Wrinkle Reduction is a treatment that is performed by our cosmetic laser specialist, Mr. Larry Blevins.

Mr. Blevins will meet with you during your initial consultation to discuss the various types of laser treatments he can perform and to help you determine the treatment that is best suited to achieving your goals. Mr. Blevins can also address any questions of concerns to assure that you are completely comfortable with your treatment plan.

Schedule a consultation to find out how laser wrinkle reduction can reduce crows feet, smile lines and other skin imperfections. Call us at (352) 259-8599 or use our contact form and we’ll get back to you right away!

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