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Cheek Implants in Lake County, FL

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Cheek Implants
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Facial Plastic Surgeons Who Specialize in Cheek Implants

Some patients have thin fat pads in their cheeks. This can occur for a variety of reasons: heritage, age, etc.

When this is the case, cheek implants can be used to recreate or replace a lack of cheek volume, reduce wrinkles and enhance the cheekbones to a more aesthetically pleasing look. At VIP we strive to deliver the best cheek implants The Villages has to offer. Dr. Danny Soares is a facial plastic surgery expert and can help you enhance you face’s natural contour with cheek implants.

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Cheek Implant Surgery

At VIP in The Villages cheek implant surgery is performed at our on-site ambulatory surgical center. General anesthesia is used for this surgery and the surgery is usually performed on an out-patient basis.

Cheek implant surgery procedures are virtually identical to cheek lift surgery. The only difference is that an implant is added. The cheek implant is added through the incision in the mouth and placed between the fat pad of the cheek and the cheek bone. The cheek implant is then secured in position by attaching it to the cheek bone with titanium screws.

Recovery After Cheek Implant Surgery

The recovery period after cheek implant surgery is also identical to the cheek lift procedure.

You should expect some soreness or tenderness in the first few days. This can be mitigated by pain medication prescribed by the surgeon. In those first few days, you should avoid strenuous activities that would raise your blood pressure or heart rate. After a few days you can return to normal activities except for very strenuous activities such a vigorous exercise. After about 1 week, the sutures that are typically hidden in the hairline are removed. It generally takes 2-3 weeks for swelling and bruising to completely subside. At this point your recovery should be complete and you can return to normal activities.

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