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Mommy Makeover in Lake County, FL

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Mommy Makeover in The Villages
With Dr. Christina Yi

You Don’t Have to Be a Mom to Feel Like a Hot Mama!!

The term “mommy makeover” is a little misleading. While the procedure addresses many of the physical changes of pregnancy, the techniques in a mommy makeover can work for just about anyone who wants to turn back the clock and feel more youthful. Dr. Yi specializes in mommy makeovers and can help you achieve your best body possible, whether that’s after pregnancy or just because! We strive to deliver the best mommy makeovers The Villages has to offer! During your consultation, Dr. Yi will help you decide which procedures are right for you and create a customized plan to get you the best results possible. Contact Dr. Yi today to start getting your body back!

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What is a Mommy Makeover?

Your Dream Body Awaits

The term “mommy makeover” refers to any combination of procedures that address the breasts and abdomen, the two areas that are most commonly changed after pregnancy. However, this has evolved over time and can include any number of combined body contouring procedures. Dr. Yi can perform procedures such as liposuction and lift surgeries (e.g., tummy tuck, arm lift, thigh lift, body lift) to help reduce extra fat in unwanted areas and tighten sagging skin. Dr. Yi may also recommend breast surgery, such as augmentation, lift, reduction, or other surgeries based on your individual situation and goals. At your private consultation, Dr. Yi will listen to what you want to change about your appearance and advise you on which procedures will help you look your best.

Am I a good candidate for Mommy Makeover?

Ready for a Fresh Start

For some moms, it can be difficult to get back in shape after pregnancy. Even if you’ve never been pregnant, time, age, hormone, and weight changes can take their toll. If you’d like to change how your body looks to feel more confident, now is as good of a time as any to schedule a consultation with Dr. Yi to find out more about mommy makeovers—and if you're ready for one.

Post-pregnancy surgeries can range from breast lifts and reductions to tummy tucks or liposuction, depending on your goals and whether you'd like additional procedures at once. The best time for an elective surgery like a mommy makeover is at least nine to 12 months after breastfeeding has stopped or at least one year after birth. If you’ve had weight changes, Dr. Yi advises your weight to have been stable for two to three months before surgery to maximize your results.

Your Mommy Makeover Procedure

You Deserve A New You

Our highly trained plastic surgeons will use general anesthesia to put you to sleep during your procedure. The duration of your surgery will depend on which procedures you choose. When it’s over, you’ll be taken to our recovery room so we can monitor your progress. At VIP in The Villages mommy makeover patients go home within 24 hours most of the time, and can return to work and their regular routines within two to four weeks. Depending on how much work you want done, however, recovery time could be longer—so plan accordingly!

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Mommy Makeover Recovery

Feel Confident

Because there are so many different procedures associated with a mommy makeover, it’s important to discuss recovery time with your surgeon before getting your procedure. Some procedures have longer recovery times than others, but Dr. Yi will help you figure out what is best for you during your consultation. If you’re having liposuction or breast surgery done, you can usually return to light exercise in about two weeks and full exercise within six weeks after surgery. Keep in mind that these are just general guidelines; talk to Dr. Yi about what is right for you during your private consultation.

Mommy Makeover Results

Feel Sexy

You can start working out as soon as your doctor says it’s okay. Dr. Yi will let you know when it’s safe for you to go back to being active again. Sometimes, new moms are afraid that they won’t be able to work out because they have excess skin or fat in certain areas that are hard to get rid of right away. The good news is that most of your hard work will be worth it once you get past those first few months, and will last for years.

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Get Back to Living

Want to get your body back? Dr. Yi offers full mommy makeovers that will have you looking and feeling better than ever. With just one consultation, she'll have the perfect plan in place for you to get the best body possible. Typically, a mommy makeover focuses on removing extra skin from the abdomen, strengthening stretched abdominal muscles, correcting the form and positioning of the breasts, and contouring your body. Learn more about a Mommy Makeover by scheduling a consultation today in The Villages.

Mommy Makeover

Frequently Asked Questions

There are certain risks with every surgery, but these are rare and will be explained in detail during your consultation. The most common side effects of a mommy makeover include bruising, swelling, pain, and itching at incision sites. Dr. Yi will recommend medications that can help prevent or lessen these problems and speed up your recovery process. Before you agree to any surgery, it’s important to understand all possible outcomes, including both physical risks and risks of cost (if insurance doesn’t cover it). If you have questions about either issue, don’t hesitate to ask Dr. Yi or one of our assistants!

Surgical scars on your abdomen or breasts will fade over time, but if you’re worried about how they will look in five years, you might want to opt for non-surgical solutions if you’re deemed a candidate.If you do choose surgery, make sure to take good care of your incisions so that they can heal quickly and without complications. Dr. Yi also employs a number of techniques to optimize your scars, including techniques during skin closure in surgery, pressure-offloading dressings, and post-operative scar treatments, such as silicone and lasers. Talk with Dr. Yi before your procedure so he can help answer any questions you have about scarring.

Most medical insurance does not cover the cost of a mommy makeover because it is an elective procedure. However, Village Institute of Plastic Surgery offers payment and financing options for your convenience.

Women choose a mommy makeover for many different reasons. Most women are looking to reclaim their bodies after having kids. Some women choose it as a way to reclaim their bodies after time, weight changes, hormone changes, and just plain life! Whatever your reason, Dr. Yi can help you get your body back!

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