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Skin Cancer Treatment in The Villages, FL

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Skin Cancer Treatment

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Most people immediately seek the advice of a dermatologist when concerned with a discoloration or spot that appears on the skin. While seeing a dermatologist is a logical first step if one feels they may need skin cancer treatment, there may be a better option.

The plastic surgeons at Village Institute of Plastic Surgery are experts in identifying skin conditions and the surgical procedures used to treat them. We strive to deliver the best skin cancer treatments The Villages has to offer. If you have a dark spot or skin condition that you are concerned about, schedule an appointment to have it examined and removed by a plastic surgeon who is trained and experienced in performing cosmetic surgical procedures with minimal scaring.

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Skin Cancer Treatment by Dr. Christina Yi

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While a dermatologist is trained to identify and remove dangerous skin cancers, plastic surgeons are also skin experts who can identify dangerous skin cancers with the added benefit of surgical training to provide optimal scar results. Not only is Dr. Yi a board-eligible plastic surgeon who can identify and properly remove skin cancers, she is an expert in cosmetic surgery and suturing who can not only remove skin cancer, she has the skills to do so in a way that leaves the treated area with minimized scarring. Benefit from the knowledge and skills of Dr. Yi if you are concerned about skin cancer or require skin cancer treatment.

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Treatment and Removal

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Skin cancer treatment involves surgically removing the area of darkened skin. And to properly assure that the skin cancer is completely removed, it is necessary to remove skin that is nearby and below the cancerous dark spot. In some cases, this can result in a sizable amount of skin that must be removed. And skin cancer often appears on the surfaces of the skin that are most exposed and very visible even when wearing clothes. For these reasons, a skilled plastic surgeon is without question your best option for treatment.

At VIP in The Villages skin cancer treatment is performed at our on-site ambulatory surgical center. Treatment begins with a few injections of a local anesthetic that will numb the area to be treated. You will be awake during the procedure. Once the area being treated is sufficiently numb, Dr. Yi or Dr. Soares only removes only the tissue necessary to assure that all of the cancer is effectively removed. The surgeon will then close the void left by the removal of tissue using the same suturing skills used in the cosmetic procedures they practice every day. By performing very clean incisions and using deep suturing skills, the incision can be flawlessly closed. Surgical wound tape is also used to cover the incision and sutures for protection, to reduce scaring and to promote healing. If you carefully follow recovery instructions, there will be very minimal if any visible scaring. You will be able to leave immediately after your skin cancer treatment.

Recovery After Treatment

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The biggest concern during recovery is keeping your incision dry and avoiding any activities that might put stress on the incision and sutures for the first week or two. Your surgeon will monitor your healing and after five to seven days will remove your stitches. The only visible sign of skin cancer treatment at this point is a very thin line where the incision was closed, about the thickness of a thread and no suture scars because of the suturing techniques that our surgeons use. After a few months, any remaining scars will be barely visible and will continue to fade over time.

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A Plastic Surgeon May be your Best Option for Skin Cancer Treatment and Removal!

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Schedule a consultation and speak to a plastic surgeon about how we remove skin cancer without creating unsightly scars. Call us at (352) 259-8599 or use the form below. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have and schedule a free consultation for you to meet personally with one of our surgeons.

While most people immediately seek advice on and treatment for skin cancers from dermatologists, Dr. Yi is trained and has extensive experience in not only removing skin cancer but doing so in a cosmetically friendly way with suturing skills that result in very minimal scaring that also fade over time.

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