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Rhinophyma Treatments in The Villages

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Rhinophyma Treatment and Surgery in The Villages

Facial Plastic Surgeons Who Specialize in the Treatment of Rhinophyma

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This condition of the nose tends to affect individuals of Northern European descent. Although the exact cause of rhinophyma is not known, it is known to occur due to the hypertrophy, (overgrowth) of sebaceous glands in the skin of the nose. This causes the skin of the nose to become lumpy, thick nasal skin that can eventually grow to very large sizes. At The Village Institute of Plastic Surgery, we strive to deliver the best treatment options for Rhynophyma The Villages has to offer!

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Rhinophyma Treatment and Surgery

At Villages Institute of Plastic Surgery, Dr. Soares is able to treat rhinophyma in different ways depending on how advanced the condition is. In minor cases we are often able to use laser therapy and electrocautery treatment to smooth the nose to a more natural appearance. In more advanced cases, cosmetic surgery may be necessary to remove the thick build-up of tough skin and return the nose to it’s original shape, size and healthy condition.

Recovery After Surgery

Recovery from rhinophyma treatment is mainly social downtime. Patients with minor conditions that are treated cosmetically can return to normal activities as soon as they like. Patients who undergo cosmetic surgery can also return to work the next day with protective bandages and some restrictions to help the nose recover as optimally as possible. Your surgeon will provide detailed instructions and any necessary prescriptions for pain and to prevent infection after surgery.

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