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Chin Augmentation in the Villages

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Chin Augmentation in the Villages

Facial Plastic Surgeons Specializing in Chin Augmentation and Chin Implants at Village Institute of Plastic Surgery

The chin is a key feature of a person’s face and can have a dramatic affect on a person’s over all facial appearance. And having a chin that is too small or set back, or for a man, a chin that is too narrow, can cause a person to be self-conscious and unhappy with their appearance. If you are unhappy with your chin, you will be pleased to know that there are many options for changing your chin to a more proportionate and aesthetically pleasing shape. At VIP we strive to deliver the best chin augmentation The Villages has to offer.

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Chin Implant Surgery

A variety of options for an enhanced chin

If you feel your chin is too small, there are a variety of chin implants for men and for women that can bring your chin forward or cosmetically enhance it. As a general rule, a chin implant is best suited for small to moderate chin augmentation. Chin implants can be used to project the chin forward, and increasing or decreasing the width of your chin. Chin implants are commonly placed through a small incision under the chin. Alternatively, chin implants can be placed through an incision inside the lower lip.

Chin Augmentation Surgery

The other option for chin augmentation is a surgical procedure called “Sliding Genioplasty”. This procedure is performed entirely through the mouth and involves cutting the chin bone and moving the chin bone forward. Sliding Genioplasty is generally preferred for major procedures where the chin will undergo significant augmentation. In this procedure the chin bone is cut below the roots of the front teeth.

The mental nerve is also cut and can be brought forward with the neck muscle remaining attached. This allows the chin bone to be augmented in a variety of ways including lengthening the chin by bringing it forward, shortening the chin height by bringing it forward and up. The chin may also be widened or narrowed in this procedure. Once the desired augmentation and position is achieved, Dr. Soares will secure the chin in it’s new position with small titanium screws and plates.

Recovery After Your Surgery

At VIP in The Villages chin augmentation patients will most likely be instructed to wear a chin strap. The chin strap is necessary to help control swelling, support the skin and chin bone, and foster healing. There is usually little if any bruising and if the chin bone was moved, you may experience some numbness in your lower lip.

Some pain can be expected and can be mitigated by pain medication prescribed by Dr. Soares. You will likely be asked to take it easy with no strenuous activity for a few days but can return to work as soon as you feel up to it. Sutures under your chin are usually removed in about a week. Dissolving sutures are used in your mouth. Within a month you should be fully recovered with no visible signs of having had chin surgery other than your great looking new chin.

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