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Virtual Imaging in The Villages, FL

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Plastic Surgery Virtual Imaging in The Villages

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See the Results of Your Surgery Before Surgery with Plastic Surgery Virtual Imaging at Village Institute of Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery Virtual Imaging in The VIllages

Plastic Surgery Virtual Imaging

See your results before surgery!

The advanced Vectra Virtual Imaging Platform is a huge advantage to patients who wish to have just about any type of plastic surgery. This fantastic technology uses multiple cameras, coupled with powerful 3D computer imaging software that stitches the images taken from multiple angles together to produce a virtual 3D image of you. It all begins with your consultation where you will discuss the procedures you are interested in and what type of adjustments or corrections you wish to make to your appearance. Your surgeon will consult with you about the different plastic surgery and or cosmetic treatments that would best achieve your goals.

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Once you and your surgeon have thoroughly discussed your options and determined which procedures and or treatments are best for you, your current appearance will be captured by our plastic surgery virtual imaging system. And then you begin to work with your surgeon to adjust, reshape and contour your face, ears, breasts, body, thighs; any part of your body to explain and see exactly how you would like to look! The most exciting aspect of virtual imaging for our patients is not just the ability to communicate visually with your surgeon, and describe exactly what you wish to look like. It is also the ability to see a virtual image of yourself and your expected results first hand. This 3D visual confirmation provides our patients with the comfort of knowing the results of their surgery before surgery.

Plastic Surgery 3D Imaging in The Villages

See Your Results “Before” Any Type of Surgery with Virtual Imaging!

Our surgeons consider virtual imaging a significant advantage when consulting with a patient. Being able to visually confirm the patient’s desires and expectations is extremely beneficial in helping our patient achieve their goals as accurately as possible.

If you are considering plastic surgery, we encourage you to explore the many face, body and breast plastic surgery procedures, laser treatments, and cosmetic treatments that are available at Village Institute of Plastic Surgery. And if you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us or schedule a Free Consultation with Plastic Surgery 3D Imaging!

Plastic Surgery 3D Imaging Free Consultations in The Villages

Take Advantage of this Exciting Peek into Your Future!

Schedule a consultation to discuss the procedure your are interested in and see your anticipated appearance and results. Call us at (352) 259-8599 or use the form below to schedule an appointment and we’ll get back to you right away!

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At Village Institute of Plastic Surgery, we offer our patients a wide variety of plastic surgery techniques.

We specialize in facial plastic surgery, offer more laser cosmetic procedures than any other regional provider, and are Central Florida's premier cosmetic injectors. VIP is the best option for plastic surgery and advanced cosmetic procedures in The Villages and throughout Central Florida. Plastic surgery from our experienced and highly-trained plastic surgeons can lead to incredibly positive and life-changing results. Schedule your consultation today.